Point Of Sale

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What is Point of Sale ?

Focused on small/medium size business, this software brings the power and functionality of a traditional POS system to a hand held device, giving your business that professional feel without the professional cost. All POS transaction data entered into the App will automatically be synchronized in real time with your ERPLY account, leaving all of your books and reports completely accurate, 100% of the time.


Fast & Responsive

Besides the key worry of sales coming to a halt, ERPLY POS software also solves another issue that comes along with Internet reliance: sluggishness. The new Windows offline POS software improves significantly touch-screen responsiveness and helps maintain working speed even during the busiest hours. Don't feel comfortable utilizing touch screen? No need, there is also an option to use a keyboard & mouse instead.

Easy Installation

POS hardware installation hassle free. It has all been modified for you using ERPLY's offline POS software installation wizard, just follow the steps to a successful install. Utilizing direct printing technology we can spit out receipts 65% faster than using traditional drivers. Speaking of drivers, those are also no longer necessary. Setting up your receipt printer, customer display or cash drawer is as simple as connecting them to a computer and turning them on.

Powerful backend

Attractive POS software is nothing without a powerful back-office to match. Get beauty and brains with ERPLY. Equipped with powerful tools like stock replenishment based on reorder restock levels, Customer CRM, loyalty programs, promotional campaign management, coupons, and employee commissions tracking to name a few.


  •  User-friendly
  •  Colorful UI
  •  Easy look-ups
  •  Built-in wizard
  •  Cloud security levels
  •  Product photos
  •  Touch-screen ready
  •  Multi-currency
  •  Multi-register
  •  Multi-store locations
  •  Time-controlled promotions
  •  Powerful promotions engine
  •  Credit & gift cards processing
  •  Universal bar-codes
  •  Sales commission
  •  Suspended sales
  •  Exports to MS-Excel
  •  Integration to QuickBooks
  •  Suggestion sales
  •  Time-clock & reports
  •  Customer loyalty cards

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